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Our Story Before Kids -The Beginning

I'll use this first blog as an intro & to briefly start at the beginning. I met my husband, Steven, through work shortly after school. We were friends for awhile before we started dating -back when we thought 'no sleep' was going to bed late and not sleeping half of the next day. That was a quick lesson learned after Kooper -but I'll save that all for later. We had fun! It was easy, which I think came from being good friends for years beforehand. For those of you that know my husband, you know what a big heart he has, how hard he works, and his constant comedic relief. I love all of this about him! I really did get lucky!

We took our first trip together to Jamaica, after several months of dating. Never traveling out of the country together, we decided it made sense to rent a car and not catch a bus. I guess we thought we would be able to do any excursions we wanted (for the record, don't rent a car in another country, haha!). As we got to our rental, steering wheel on the opposite side of the car then we were used to using, phones not working for GPS, a nice man greeted us and gave us verbal directions to help. Steven felt we didn't need a GPS as most men do, and no joke our verbal instructions were something like this: "When you exit the airport, you'll go through 3 roundabouts. You will take a left at the busy street and go 50 minutes until you see the white building. That'll be your resort." I stood eyes wide open, baffled in another country, phones not working, we were about to do this! 1 hour of circling different "busy" streets, a little stressed, but somehow still a LOT of laughter, we made our way back to the airport for a GPS to get to our resort. We had an amazing trip, never used the rental car again until it was time to fly back home! (take the bus, and book excursions at your resort -we learned the hard way! haha!) This trip looking back describes our personalities and our relationship so much. Like all couples, we have our disagreements, but the way we come back to laughter in the big scheme of things is one of my favorite parts -and that is in big part because of my husband.

Steven and I both agree we knew early on we wanted to spend our lives together. Our playful relationship quickly led to kids, which I'll save for a later blog. As we continue to grow together, with kids, new job experiences, and life -the tears, laughter, & joy - I can honestly say I cannot imagine doing it with anyone else!

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