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My 'Why' Leading to Koopack

As I mentioned previously, Steven and I took our first trip together to Jamaica, which was where we first discussed having Kooper. I'd been told a couple times that I might not have kids or it would be difficult. Assuming we would have difficulty, we decided to try for kids before marriage -hoping to eliminate any added stress/pressure. Fortunately looking back, the joke was on us. 3 months of trying and Kooper was on the way! A few months after Kooper was born, right before our wedding, we decided to try for another baby. Feeling fortunate to have conceived Kooper when we did, we officially 'pulled the goalie' again. Our wedding night didn’t only bring us together officially, but we found out soon after that Brock was on the way.

We love our kids and if you're a parent, you know all the humiliating yet hilarious things they can say. The tears and new fears that come but the incredible amounts of joy and happiness they bring! With that being said, my 'why' has been very obvious -my kids. Before they were born, my husband and I made the decision that I would be a stay at home parent. As a lot of you know, the change that came after Kooper was born, was more than I imagined. It was far more challenging than I expected. Thoughts of 'teenage comments' I had made to my mom who stayed home also popped up into my head frequently. I knew I was wrong, but living it as well -made me even more grateful for all she did for us. It didn't take long for me to LOVE my new job. How fortunate I was to have the opportunity to stay home, but also acknowledge that with all jobs come good days, bad days, challenging days, etc.

Since Kooper & Brock are only 14 months apart, I found myself carrying a heavy shoulder strap diaper bag on 1 side, a baby, and a baby in a carseat. It was a lot! I also found myself missing my 'cute' purses that just wouldn't function as a diaper bag. Not long of carrying this load, my mom gifted me a backpack purse. It was cute and I was able to make it work as a diaper bag, which immediately lightened my 'load'. All of this lead to the Koopack idea/brand. My kids have been out of diapers for awhile now, but regardless I prefer the backpack style. Koopack's design goal is to achieve fashion we  love to carry on arm, messenger style, or backpack, while also taking into consideration multifunctional benefits in all aspects of our lives. 

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